This is an ongoing photobook project about the in-between spaces I find myself in.

Between two bodies there is always a space, whether infinitely small or infinitely large.The closer they get the smaller this space becomes, but there is something that always remains in between. Either we haven’t created a specific word to refer to this space, or we don’t even pay attention to it; it is transitory and therefore lacking in importance.

Wandering without expectations, I started observing what surrounded me and creating my own visual territory. I started embracing the uncertain, by accepting to live in this in-between, and enjoying being lost in this journey of leftover spaces.
These photographs reflect this exploration, through which I am learning and understanding where I am, and therefore who I am. By unifying these here, I have created my own constellation of found places that I once passed through. My aim is to capture the beauty of these spaces that exist in the in-between.
Somewhere, ongoing project